Facebook accept password in three form

Hello Friends, Today i found an interesting thing about Facebook, Do you know that your Facebook accounts can accept your original password in three forms.
Yes, it is hard to believe but it’s true, so here is the three forms of password which you can used to for sign in your facebook accounts.
1. Your Original Passwords.
2. Your Original Password in Reverse case(with Caps lock ON)
3. First letter of your orginal password is Capital and remaining are same(Specially for mobile devices, where the first letter is capital)

For example, your original password is abcDE!3, so this is your first form of password, which you can usually to sign in facebook, the second form of your password is ABCde!3 (letters are in reverse case) and the third form of your password is AbcDE!3.

Now I’m sure you are thinking that why Facebook accepts three forms of passwords or is it make impact on Facebook security? So here is your answers:-

May be Facebook is first who used these combinations of passwords, just help users to prevent the most common reasons that authentic logins are rejected. In addition to the original password, facebook also accept the password if a user inadvertently has caps lock enabled or their mobile device automatically capitalizes the first character of the password.
To the security view, fist thing is If someone has try to brute-force attack on your account, then they successes on a less try, but Facebook have bullet-proof security, so brute-force is not possible on the Facebook accounts because Facebook always run a security check, just after accept your passwords. According to Facebook,
 Facebook has a number of security checks that happen even after the password is accepted. For example, if you log in from a questionable device, or if you log in from two locations that are very far apart from each other, it will prompt you with a verification code.
and the second thing is Facebook password is not case insensitive, for example, if your pass is abcDE!3 you can’t used your password like as abcde!3, Abcde!3 or any other combinations.
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Krish Na said…
can you explain how do they do it??
ViPER said…
@krish na: I didnt get ur question . you want to about how they store the password or how do they crypt it ?

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