Stuxnet Virus

Believed to be Loaded by Iran Double Agents!

Stuxnet virus was the virus which damaged Iran’s nuclear program. A recent report revealed that it was implanted by Israeli proxy-an Iranian and used a corrupt memory Usb stick. 
"Iranian Double Agents” had most probably helped to target most vulnerable spots of the system. In October 2010 intelligence minister of Iran said that "Nuclear spies” had been arrested in connection with stuxnet.33.virus.
Since it's discovery in 2010 it is being considered as the most sophisticated computer virus ever created , It's programming was so complex that it took months for researches to unravel it !

Infected computers in various countries :

Country            Infected computers

Iran                      58.85%
Indonesia             18.22%
India                     8.31%
Azerbaijan            2.57%
United States        1.56%
Pakistan                9.2%

What is Stuxnet after ?

The Stuxnet does not steal your money ,identity nor the passwords,It has specified targets ! It Targets centrifuges in a top secret Iranian facility ! This virus has started a future concern for more attacks on power plants, water systems or nuclear plants !

How does Stuxnet work ?

Stuxnet does a little harm to your computer and network if they do not meet required configuration.The virus makes itself inert if Siemens software is not found on the target computer.

Stuxnet attacks with different layers for these three systems:

1.Siemens PCS7,WinCC and STEP7.
2.Siemens S7 PLCs

How to Remove it ?

Siemens released a tool kit which detects and removes Stuxnet.

Possibilities of Origin ?

Israel , United States and other Western nations working together or separately are till now named to be the possible creators !

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