Facebook Scammers Exploit Steve Jobs' Death

Ok people, it's time to start exploring your commonsense. People who think Apple is actually giving away FREE iPads, MacBook Pros and iPhones in the memory of Steve Jobs', please raise your hands. Congratulations, you've just been discovered as the schmuck of the century (no offense).
We are really sorry to inform you that Apple is NOT giving away FREE merchandise to anyoneIt does appear, judging from the number of people who fell for it, that many did believe that the company was doing a special promotion to honour the passing of Steve.Facebook scammers really did have you fooled, didn't they?

The following message was repetitively seen on Facebook:

In Memory of Steve Jobs, we're Giving Away 1000 iPad 2's
To celebrate the life of Steve, we have decided to give away 1000 iPad 2's to honour Steve, who passed away earlier this week.
If you did click on the link (as most of you must have) it redirected you to a webpage that encouraged you to share the message with your Facebook friends.

The page described it as a limited time offer as they had very few iPads, a deliberate trick on the part of the scammers to fool you into rushing into the scam without thinking (which is very hard to come by these days, even if you did have time).

These scams were designed to drive traffic into revenue-generating online surveys.
Soon enough a new scam was brought into our Facebook world. This time offering limited edition iPhones (of course, in the memory of Steve).

In Memory of Steve Jobs, Apple has decided to give away 1000 Limited Edition iPhones
Users are duped into believing that if they share the link on Facebook with the message "Thank you Steve from (city)" they will receive a limited edition iPhone.

And how could the scammers forget the free MacBook.

In Memory of Steve Jobs, Apple has decided to give away 1000 Black Macbook
In this case, the scammers urged you to share the link with your Facebook friends, adding the message "RIP Steve":

Scammers do bring joy a certain degree of excitement into our lives. But exploiting a public figure's death in such a way, seriously, we weren't expecting them to sink to such a level.

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