Hack Facebook To View Private profile Pictures

Well we all are sometimes curious to see personnel pictures of someone but couldn't do so cause it is unfortunately protected and there's no way we could find it out .I have just found a hack to view private Facebook profile which i would be sharing in this article.

This hack will add a link above such photos with a link saying “See this Photo in its Album”. Clicking this link will reload the photo, but you’ll be viewing it inside the album that you couldn’t view without this hack.
When you are viewing photos in an album the Greasmonkey script will add  an option "Back to the album" This will remove the photo from the page and load a thumbnail gallery of all photos in the album


1.Greasmonkey addon for firefox
2.Facebook profile viewing script


1.First of all download Greasmonkey addon  and restart firefox
2.Install the Facebook profile viewing script

3.Click install and restart firefox and you are done.

Hope you liked this article! If you have any problem with this hack feel free to comment. Till then Hack The Heck...!!

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Anonymous said…
i dont think its working
can u explain more ?
Anonymous said…
hey...can u please make a dragon city hack????

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