Facebook Strength's Security

From last few months Facebook users are facing lots of trouble due to dramatic growth of malware and spams on facebook .We here at RHA have covered lots of facebook related spams like Facebook Scammers Exploit Steve Jobs Death , DAD CATCHES DAUGHTERS ON WEBCAM -Beware Facebook Viral Scam , Hijacking Facebook Users With Clickjacking Attack  etc.

Seeing these repetitive attacks , Facebook yesterday launched Antivirus Marketplace to increase the protection of Facebook users. McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos,Microsoft and Symantec will will augment Facebook's URL blacklist system with their own URL blacklist databases.
The Antivirus Marketplace will also let facebook users to download full version antiviruses with no charge for 6 months ! This service for free download is available to Mac as well as Pc users and a user can download any one antivirus of his choice from his account.

But the big question is what will happen after the 901 million facebook users have ended up their 6 month free full version,how many of them will bother to spend bucks to renew it ?

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