Easy ways to earn money online!!!

  • Everyone included me does have a dream of earning something on their own and sometimes there might be a case that some are not yet eligible to work in the real world industries and for some there are problems like adjustment of time and so on and those people look for working online but somehow fail to find out what are the exact ways to earn money online in a legit way. Here below I am going to provide you those simple ways with which you can earn a good amount of money and can fulfill your wishes. Enjoy!

1. Earn Money Online With Paid Surveys
Surveys are the easiest way to earn money online and its a very old concept but still very effective. All you have to do is to register on a survey site and wait for the surveys to come. After that, you will just need to provide your opinion and that’s it. You will be paid for this. Well, many are crazy about AWsurveys but let me tell you that it is a scam site as far as I know. You may try SurveySavvy which is said to be a legit one.' 

2. Earn Money Online With Google Adsense
To earn money via Google Adsense, you got to have your own blog and must be following all the Adsense policies. To earn a good amount from Adsense, you must build a powerful blog with some rich content having good SEO. You must not have a blog with copied content.

3. Earn Money For Writing Articles
There are many websites and blog which allows you to write articles on their blog and share their revenue with you. Numbers of blogs are sharing 100% revenue for your articles. You might want to see Shoutmeloud, tech4world, tech18, Gadgetcage.

4. Earn Money With Paid To Click
This PTC concept is one of the easiest where you will be paid for surfing website or clicking on ads. Sometimes you don’t get paid much for these concept as the revenue sharing is very low but I find bux.to better than all PTC sites.

5. Earn Money For Your Reviews
This is a new concept of earning where you are paid for writing reviews about product/websites/business group on your blog. Your positive review give them traffic, new clients and popularity. There are many paid review sites available but I found SocialSpark very popular and a better one.

6. Earn Money With Freelancing
Freelancing jobs provide you a very good opportunity for you to earn money online in your field of expertise. All you have to do is to search for the freelancing sites and sign up and look for what opportunities you have there. I would recommend you to use oDesk which is a very good freelancing site.

7. Earn Money With Your Photos
If you are a good photographer or you love photography then this point is for you! Several sites online does pay you for photos shared by you. The main concept behind this is that the designers need photos for their projects which they can buy from these sites and for which they pay you. I recommend iStockPhoto.

8. Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing
This method is a typical advertise method in which you promote a product on your website or blog and you get commission whenever the product is sold via your blog. Amazon affiliation is a very popular among all and I still would recommend ClickBank and TTZmedia for affiliation marketting.

9. Earn Via Selling Banner Ads
If you are having a good website/blog which does have good alexa rank and Google Page rank then there are very high chances for you to get your ad slots sold for a good amount for which you will be paid on a monthly basis or according to your contract.

10. Earn Via Twitter
Advertisers are looking to go viral and use social media to advertise about their firm/product and for this, they are using social media like Twitter, Facebook. They use your account to send a tweet of their choice to your followers and for which you get paid. There are many sites work for Twitter advertising but I personally prefer Magpie Advertising.

11. What’s Your Way ?
Well, after reading all the above 10 ways, its your time to share your thoughts and choice. Let me know what way you think could be the best way to earn money online and also let me know which way you use to earn online.
Thank you for reading this article. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to leave a word of appreciation, criticism and also your views, picks and takes on this article. Have a nice time ahead and cheers :)


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