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We wrote yesterday that only 12% of internet is visible to us on our Facebook page but how true is it ?
  As per Google they cover 98 % of internet but in reality it covers those pages which are allowed to robots or are free to restrictions, what about those which are not indexed by search engines those files which are saved some where deep in the server not to be seen by common people or more common example would be those websites which cant be accessed without membership search engine can only index there public pages what happen under those sites no one knows.

The unknown side of internet is called Darknet ,as it is in the dark corners of internet which cant be seen by common Netizen , finding all those domains and ips is impossible , As everybody know these darknet is the real hood for warez,cracks,hacking tools getting access to these sites get important.

  In 2008 Tor network started a secret service project named 'The Hidden Wiki'. In which these darknet sites are accessed through the .onion TLD as most of them cant have a domain.

Screenshot the hidden wiki
The hidden wiki is a list of sites present in the Darknet made by user of tor network, I was amazed to see some site you can hire a assassin, buy weeds and many  other things.

The hidden wiki is a list of sites present in the Darknet made by user of tor network, I was amazed to see some site you can hire a assassin, buy weeds and many  other things.

The Wiki offers many services, most of them seem to be driven by ‘Bitcoins’ and you can even find software to mine bitcoins as well as create them within this space. One has to wonder if you can really hire a hitman here or if this is just a BS post for the Lulz, but, other services seem straight forward and their sites are working.
These services also include a wide spectrum of hacking as well as alleged DD0S/Botnet offerings as well. My first thoughts about all of this tended toward the idea that Anonymous must be like a kid in the candy store here, and then I began to search for them.

It did not take me long to locate some sites that were ‘Anonymous’ themed as well as dumps of all the LulzSec hacks as well as a full mirror of Wikileaks dumps (click image to enlarge):

Here are just a few of the services offered in the Marketplace:

* Contract Killer - Kill your problem (snitch, paparazzo, rich husband, cop, judge, competition, etc). (Host: FH)

* BitPoker v1.93 - Poker (Bitcoin). (Host: FH)

* Buttery Bootlegging - Get any expensive item from major stores for a fraction of the price! (Host: FH)

* Stat ID's - Selling fake ID's.

* Bidcoin - Like Ebay. We increase the gross national product. (Host: FH)

* Video Poker - A casino that features "jacks or better" video poker. - DOWN 2011-08-07

* Cheap SWATTING Service - Calls in raids as pranks. (Host: FH)

* Data-Bay - Buy and sell files using digital currency.

* The Last Box - Assassination Market (Bitcoin). - DOWN 2011-08-07

* Pirax Web DDoS - Take out your enemies in seconds. (Host: FH)

* Hacking Services - Hacks IM and Social Nets, does DDoS, sells bank/credit/paypal accounts. Se Habla Espanol. (Host: FH)

* Email Hacker - Hacks emails (Bitcoin). (Host: FH)

* CC4ALL - Selling valid Credit-Cards. Most from Germany. (Host: FH)

* Slash'EM online - Super Lots'A Stuff Hack-Extended Magic tournament server (Bitcoin).

* Rent-a-Hacker - Pay a professional hacker to solve your problem, destroy your enemys. (Host: FH)

* BitPoker v2.0 - New version of poker (Bitcoin). (Host: FH)

* BacKopy - Sells game, software and movie discs (Bitcoin). (Neglected status note) - Broken 2011-08-07

* The Pirates Cove - Classifieds. (Host: FH)

* BitLotto - A lottery using Bitcoin. (Host: FH)

* Brimstone Entertainment - Escort Ads, Strippers, Adult Entertainers. (Host: FH)

* Red Dog Poker - Play a simple game of poker (Bitcoin).

* CouponaTOR - A service for getting retail coupons created (Bitcoin). (Host: FH)

* Virtual Thingies - Buy virtual goodies like premium accounts, usenet access or domains (Bitcoin). (Host: FH)

You can also get a range of services like chemicals to make as well as tutorials how to make and sell anabolic steroids not to mention pages and files on weapons and explosives. Anarchy it seems has found a new digital home.

One wonders just how long it will be before the onion becomes a home for jihadi’s as well. I suppose if they aren’t already, it’s only a matter of time until they are hosting their own sites in here as well.

The real problem is navigation though for anyone looking around. Which makes this all the better for those seeking to be anonymous and stealth. There are a couple of search engines on the wiki, but due to the nature of TOR, one has to list their site in order for it to be found, so, I assume there are many sites out there that are only known to a very select few.

To access  these sites just download  Tor and go to this   link.

Anonymity For Better For Worse:

On the flip side of all this is the idea that we need to be able to be anonymous online. I agree with this, I mean, I use TOR every day, but, anonymity is a double edged sword. As you can see from everything above, that very same anonymity that is protecting those who need free speech, or other protections it can afford, are also faced with the darker side of the technology.

This space still seems to be fairly new in the sense of services, chat boards, paste sites, and other more normal internet style applications, but, in the contained anonymity that the onion network is giving them, the end users just mostly seem to be using it all for darker purposes.

And this will make things more difficult for everyone else as governments seek to destroy the privacy as they see more of this type of activities going on to use as excuses to peer into them.



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