Six Alternative Android Markets to Google’s Play Store

Unlike Apple users who have to get their applications only from iTunes, users of Android have the choice of getting their applications, tools and utilities from other markets other than Google App Store.  If you want an alternative to the official app store for Android devices, here are some top 6 alternatives to consider.

The Android Market is not available world wide though and developers thus can reach wider through alternative stores.  Users may be wary of quality, reliability and sustainability. These are considerations  before choosing a source.
The various sources have unique features distinguishing them and users would be at a loss to pick one or some and remain loyal. Having been authorized to serve users by Google is the first indicator that they are worth trying.

GetJar rates itself the runners-up to Apple App store, presently boasting over a billion downloads.
Users can filter Android app by setting their phone type. It also supports other platforms including BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.  Games’ developers cite its global coverage as a major reason to choose it for their works.GetJar now even pays developers before hand and then gives them freely to their customers.

AppBrain is an alternative Android Market browser, itself not selling applications directly.  As a browser to Android Market, it bridges the gap in Google since it lacks  a thorough  way of searching and is vital for tracing interesting applications.
On liking an application, clicking install on the website aided by AppBrain installs it. Payments can also be made here, if any.  AppBrain however serves applications onparticular versions, starting from  Android 1.6, in the US only, and with devices meeting certain screen size specifications. Effectively therefore some applications on AppBrain might  not be installable outside the US.

With SlideMe , Android users can use its application called SAM to browse its applications catalogue online.  Developers can scout talent early since it focuses on small upcoming developers. Free direct downloads of its applications are found on its website. Charged applications are available on SlideMe applications.

MobiHand OnlyAndroid has been in applications store business for long. Android users here benefit from discounted applications on offer 24hours. Users look out for what is on offer at a discount as shall be announced by the store.  Besides applications’ sales, it also sells accessories such as cases and chargers and is available on mobile phones.

AppsFire does not offer applications of its own.  It only supplements the main /official markets. It’s accessible  on the web and comes on its own on Android handsets. It offers smart application recommendations for use on the basis of existing applications, what is in use on the handsets. Recommendations can be shared with other users via an accompanying social feature.
Users can know popular and discounted applications.  Popularity is shown as rated by chosen experts while discounts are on offer at the market.

Aproov is newly launched store with an exclusive focus on Android applications.  Said to be the ‘ideal likeness’ of an app store, it displays categories that expand showing applications direct from developers.  It supports customer feed back, reviews and video uploads by developers, features that are envisaged for the official future Android Market.  Additionally, it shows Android Market official search results. Being relatively new, users need to keep watch of how it grows.


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