Zurker Is Scam Or Is It?

A short straightforward answer is: No
Zurker is definitely not a scam.

Let's first try to understand what Zurker is about - Zurker.com is a new social network that's currently talked a lot on different blogs and forums. The reason for so much increasing buzz is its twist, well, a number of twists really:
  • At Zurker, members are owners;
  • Owners decide how they want their network to be;
  • The site has a number of unique features that their competitors like Facebook or Google Plus lack;
  • It has a chance to make a huge number of people rich instead of just a few billionaires.
But the purpose of this site is not to praise Zurker or list its benefits. We are here to answer the main question:

Is Zurker Scam?

No, it's not. First of all, it doesn't cost anything to signup with that site and become a member. It's indeed free. You can invest your own money to buy more vShares (virtual shares that can become real shares when Zurker becomes a corporation) but that's only if you want shares right away without earning them through referring your contacts, and the number of vShares you can buy is limited, you can spend a fortune on that even if you wanted to.
The site is very straightforward when it comes to stats, investments, vShare counts, etc. Zurker also provide with open books accounting - a very interesting and honest system to show the world, I guess to their users first and then to the entire world, what is gained, how it's gained, and what it's spent on. It is really hard to find a website, a community, that would be brave enough to do that.
The project isn't promising anyone to break the bank or turn into a millionaire overnight. Zurker just gives that opportunity, but it doesn't promise anything. On the other hand, the chances for making some good money with Zurker are not bad and the uniqueness of the project makes everyone succeed together.

It wouldn't be fair to mark a website like that as fraud or scam. Zurker doesn't use its users like FB or other social network do. On the contrary, it is an excellent democratic platform for the users, that are also owners. Zurker clearly states that it will refuse any VC (venture capitalist) funding to continue listing to its members, to be driven by members who are owners, and one day to become the best people's platform on the web.

One of the amazing things about Zurker is that it's owned by small investors, rather than venture capitalists. And that's not all. Those small investors are also members here. 

Evryone Owns Zurker...!!!

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